The books and the people who shaped our world, and for that, we are grateful. 

Complete book art set

Art by Kazu Kibuishi 

Magical Theory written by Adalbert Waffling is a required textboox for first year at Hogwarts. It is available at the Hogwarts Library, or for sale at Flourish and Blotts bookstore for two Galleons. Hermione Granger owns it, usually storing in her school trunk.
During the 1991-1992 school year, a Gryffindor student lost her/his copy of Magical Theory on the Hogwarts grounds and posted a notice requesting its return on the Gryffindor pasteboard. Harry Potter found it near Hagrid’s Hut and returned it to the student, receiving a Chocolate Frog Card depicting Mopsus for his trouble.

Holy Merlin! Are my eyes deceiving me? Is this even real? Are you ok, Alice? Cause you’re far superior than my mere editing skills. Honestly, thank you!!!!!!! I’m forever grateful! T_T

It is often said of the Malfoy family that you will never find one at the scene of the crime, though their fingerprints might be all over the guilty wand. Independently wealthy, with no need to work for a living, they have generally preferred the role of power behind the throne, happy for others to do the donkey work and to take the responsibility for failure. inspired 

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“it is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated. dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.” - Albus Dumbledore.

only know you love her
when you let her go

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